I could name off a thousand reasons why living in Southern California is the best, but one of the greatest perks is being a photographer here. People always seem to say we don’t have seasons, and many out-of-staters think of it as houses, beaches, houses, businesses, did I say houses? When the reality is I can head one direction and get the beach, head another and get the mountains with snow, then the dessert full of Joshua Trees, sand dunes, you name it, all within a small radius. But THIS, this is “my backyard”. Something about open fields makes my heart sing! Just 10 minutes from my house and this spot looks so different throughout the year! We have been rained out quite a bit lately, literally, we had to reschedule this shoot 2 times-3rd times the charm right?! We couldn’t have asked for better weather as it was a brief break from the constant rain we have had the last two months. When Amanda first reached out to me about doing their wedding, first thing she asked about was adding Marge (yes we name our vehicles, the VW bus is no exception!) to their e-session. It was the perfect touch to their session. Let me tell you, she warned me they were nervous, unsure of how they’d be in front of the camera-ya know, the normal worries that most clients voice beforehand. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I tell all my couples that I go for organic emotion and body language. I will help guide of course, but ultimately how the two “fit” together can’t possibly be achieved by me guiding alone. Derek and Amanda went into their session so open minded and full of good spirits you would have never known there were nerves at all!

Here’s to you two tying the knot this year, Derek and Amanda! I can’t wait to tag along on your big day and watch your loved ones help celebrate the love you two have created. Thanks for choosing me. xoxox.

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